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Critique Essay

Art is a development between realism and idealism, artists create things from their ideology to reality. Stelarc is an Australian performance artist whose works are focusing on extending the capabilities of the human body. He is also the most famous artist in the world who creates things within technology and the visual arts. Stelarc thinks that we can improve the human body by taking out natural organs, and installing improved artificial things; such as adding an additional hand.

I have heard about Stelarc’s “Third Hand” since long time ago, I was so curious about his artwork, and wondered that how he did it was so unbelievable. It is an artificial mechanism hand with sense of touch which is attached to right arm and activated by EMG (a technique for evaluating physiologic properties of muscles) from other body areas. It has 290 degree wrist rotation, the real left arm is remote-controlled, and the mechanism arm actives and follows exactly same action of the real arm at the same time. I think he is an incredible artist and so intelligent that he got such a creative idea. I really appreciate his “Third Hand”, I think it is a great idea that we can improve the human body by installing this improved artificial mechanism for disabled people who is incapable by using hand, therefore the “Third Hand” begins its function by attaching on one’s arm and activated by EMG. The “Third Hand” also reminds me of the science fiction action movie “The Terminator”, terminator is a future killing machine its mission is to kill the main character who will be the leader of the human and accomplish the extermination of the human race. Stelarc’s third hand looks very similar to the hand of the terminator’s with pinching and grasping motions. I hope the government won’t think about adopting the “third hand” as military weapon, otherwise the new weapon of assassin is going to arrive.

Sometimes when I look at a piece of art that it is easy to understand because it’s just so obvious to me. If I do not understand it on a rational level, I would simply feel it as something that’s similar to me, because all artists would provide a clear explanation of what their work is about. The only thing we could tell is that there is always a reason behind all of the art work. No act of creativity will come without any meanings or substances, so does Stelarc’s. He has built a giant spider like walking frame called “Exoskeleton”, “it is a six-legged, pneumatically powered walking machine and it has been constructed for the body. The body is positioned on a turn-table, enabling it to rotate about its axis”. The walking machine moves by using its arms, it can move forwards, backwards, sideways and turns on the spot. Different postures make different motions like an insect. Stelarc composes the sounds by choreographing its movements; therefore, it is not only a walking machine, but also a sound machine. I don’t understand why he create this thing, but one thing I can say beyond doubt is that his work will often reflect in part his own ideology or imagination of testing to build a robot, or just simply for art performance? Because all of his art pieces were created within high technology, I can tell this walking machine seems more like a scary insect-like robot, and what exactly is the point of making a vehicle that is slower than walking? I think that if you have legs and can walk that is just being lazy. I also think it might be a vehicle design for disabled people those can’t walk, but maybe it is better to attach some wheels on the legs would speed it up, and make it less bumpy.

In conclusion, I really appreciate Stelarc’s “Third Hand” personally, because his work has very creative ideas to support his ideology of improving the human body by installing improved artificial mechanism. It might provide a big help for disabled people who is incapable of using their own hands in the future. I hope it won’t be as I thought it might become, as a new military weapon going to appear, so does the “Exoskeleton”. If only this is not going to become a part of a future giant killing walking insect-like robot. It is the best if it could just simply to be an incredible and amazing art performance, because I do like the way he composes the sounds by choreographing its movements.



here is my link: Google Map:

2012 Sign Doomsday_V.2


This project has inspired me so much, the 2012 doomsday is a prediction, a prediction that will bring the worst disaster or transformative events to human civilization. Personally, I believe in it, but I totally can’t accept the facts those might be happening later. Fro most people, they think the prediction of 2012 doomsday is extremely ridiculous, even some people though it just a big fake lie. Nevertheless for my opinion, I think it might be true if we consider “The 2012” as an environmental problem, that are worse than we thought!
One the most familiar issue – the global warming, it is the increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s surface air and oceans, caused by increasing of concentrations of greenhouse gases resulting from human activity. An increase in global temperature will cause sea lever to rise, expansion of subtropical deserts, and etc.
results below, here are the enviromental signs of global warming from
 Global Warming Hotspots MapThis map illustrates the local consequences of global warming.

Heat waves and periods of unusually warm weather
Ocean warming, sea-level rise and coastal flooding
Glaciers melting
Arctic and Antarctic warming

Spreading disease
Earlier spring arrival
Plant and animal range shifts and population changes
Coral reef bleaching
Downpours, heavy snowfalls, and flooding
Droughts and fires
as we can see here, there are too many enviromental problems and disasters happening at anywhere any moment .
THE 2012 sign is actually as a warning sign of Enviromental problems, such like global warming.
2012 log_FINAL
2012 log_vFINAL2012Warningsign_final.V_2

Panorama v.1

 Days before 2012

This is the first draft image of my Panorama.  I worked on this project as a problem that intended to put every piece together in an illogical way. To come up with the desired solution, it is kind of like a puzzle but without mathematical or logical problems. Initially, I was thinking about making a panorama that’s similar to my nightmare, which is about the 2012 doomsday of Maya’s prediction. I put lots effort and patient on this, I am hoping that I could find more inspiration that is less logical during the project.



Sign of 2012

This project has inspired me so much, the 2012 doomsday is a prediction, a prediction that will bring the worst disaster or transformative events to human civilization.


Personally, I believe in it, but I totally can't accept the fact that it might be happening later. I wouldn't lie about

things that have evidences, here is the Predicted and scheduled events:

  January January 13–22 – The first Winter Youth Olympics will be held in Innsbruck, Austria. January 31 – 433 Eros, the second-largest Near Earth Object on record (size 13×13×33 km) will pass Earth at 0.1790 astronomical units (26,778,019 km; 16,639,090 mi). NASA studied Eros with the NEAR Shoemaker probe launched on 1996-02-17. February February 5 – Super Bowl XLVI will be played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. February 6 – Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II marking the 60th anniversary of her accession to the Thrones of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia & New Zealand (as well as the 60th anniversary of her becoming Head of the Commonwealth), if she's alive and Monarch at the time. March March 22 – Unless the European Council votes to extend current copyright law, The Beatles' debut album, Please Please Me, will fall out of copyright. April April 17 – The United States will cede wartime control of the military of the Republic of Korea after 50 years and dissolve the Combined Forces Command. Two distinct military commands (South Korea and the United States) will operate in Korea during wartime, rather than one unified command under the Combined Forces Command. May May 20 – Annular solar eclipse, a Sunday. Path of annularity runs through the Pacific Ocean from northern China to California. June June 6 – The second and last solar transit of Venus of the century. The next pair is predicted to occur in 2117 and 2125. June 9 – July 1 – The UEFA Euro 2012 will be played in Poland and Ukraine. June 18 – June 23 – Turing Centenary Conference at the University of Cambridge, in honor of the mathematician, computer scientist, and cryptographer Alan Turing, the last day of the conference being the hundredth anniversary of his birth. July July 18–21 – The 2012 World Rowing Championships will be held at Plovdiv, Bulgaria. July 27 – Opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics begins in London at 7:30 pm UTC, 8:30pm BST.[4] August August 12 – Closing ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, a Sunday. August 29 – Start of the 2012 Summer Paralympics. November November 6 – The United States presidential, Senate, and House of Representatives elections. November 13 – Total solar eclipse (visible in northern Australia and the South Pacific). November 28 – Penumbral lunar eclipse. December December 3 – Jupiter in opposition. December 21 – 11:11 UTC. Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. December 21 – The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, notably used by the pre-Columbian Maya civilization among others, completes a "great cycle" of thirteen b'ak'tuns (periods of 144,000 days each) since the mythical creation date of the calendar's current era. On this day the Long Count date at creation—written in modern notation, equivalent to August 11, 3114 BC in the proleptic Gregorian calendar—is repeated for the first time in a span of a little over 5,125 solar years. The completion of this cycle and the repetition of the previous Creation's Long Count ending date have been central to the 2012 phenomenon. Academic researchers have not concluded that the ancient Maya themselves attached similar significance to this point in time. December 23 – An alternative date for the completion of the thirteenth B'ak'tun in the Long Count calendar, calculated using another version of the GMT correlation which is supported by a few Mayanist researchers. December 31 – The Kyoto Protocol will expire.  PJ 2-2_sng